The Chainsmokers Evolution Occurs Within the Success of their Original Album

“Memories… Do Not Open” is the Chainsmokers debut album. Their solitary studio album, and the launchpad of their success. It has also held the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart off and on since 2016. The Billboard charts measure the popular label-produced records for every musical genre to see who is the best. “Memories… Do Not Open” is in the midst of its thirty-fourth non-consecutive turn as a No.1 spot. It is joined by tying album “Demon Days” by the Gorillaz. Demon Days also has thirty-four turns, but may not have another one left in it. Memories still shows no sign of ever slowing so it may hold third place alone. A great thing for the Chainsmokers, because they are about to increase their discography to two.

Till now Memories has been the duo’s solo release, although they have been planning another one for a while. This new album is titled, “Somebody” and is a product of their new sound. One that has been introduced by three consecutively released singles in 2018. This may not seem like a lot but the Chainsmokers have only been around for four years, with their first album released two years ago. They are still every new. The singles are; “Sick Boy”, “You Owe Me”, and “Everybody Hates Me”. Each contains a dark theme underneath their catch beats. The themes are related to current social norms. For instance, “Sick Boy” focuses on social media. According to the duo making up the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, this is an effort to better connect with their audience. The songs’ messages are definitely not the stuff of typical EDM type, but the Chainsmokers stopped being typical when Andrew Taggart took over lead vocals with 2016’s“Closer”. As most DJ’s do not sing vocals to their songs, Taggart’s foray into that department was definitely something different.

Somebody is a product of the duo trying to become artists. It is definitely not the fresh, off the cuff product that Memories is. But it shouldn’t be as any band worth its salt needs to remain relevant and evolve. Not that Chainsmokers needs to evolve four years in, since Memories is still as popular as ever. But then again Pall and Taggart are not typical.