Meet Dr. Saad Saad— The Skilled Medical Surgeon with Over Forty Years of Experience

Doctor Saad Saad is one of the professional pediatric surgeons renowned across the world. He has forty years’ experience in the removal of foreign objects stuck in the food pipe and the windpipe. In his career, he has helped many patients most of them children aged between six months to about fourteen years of age, totalling to more than 1,000 children. His medical role in removing stack food and objects from the oesophagus and trachea has seen him save many lives, especially young ones, thanks to his profession.




The interview with Medical Daily Times




When asked about his experiences in section, Dr Saad Saad touched on the fact that kids are always curious to insert various objects in their ears, nostril or mouth and sometimes they even swallow them. This mostly happens to toddlers who are unaware of their acts. He narrates that some objects will gently pass to the stomach through food pipe with no severe complications, but sometimes the object gets stuck along the food pipe, of which it can accidentally move down to the windpipe, making the patient to have trouble in breathing, swallowing and sometimes they wheeze a lot, he added that such are the typical signs.




The common objects




Dr Saad Saad goes on to pinpoint the objects that he commonly operates and These objects include hot dogs, beans, peanuts, small buttons and coins. Those are the familiar objects that can stick when swallowed by a child. Bigger objects such as coins typically stick in the oesophagus, while smaller ones like buttons and peanuts can be stuck in the trachea.




His medical inventions and expertise




Dr Saad Saad is a certified and proven physician to be one among the professional and ethical doctors. It is an accomplishment to have the doctor in the right section of the medical skills. He withstands every challenge that come across him while on his duty, proving him to be a very competent and reliable paediatric surgeon. His achievements being one of the best physicians has seen him being acknowledged worldwide as one of the outstanding in adding value to peoples’ lives and making the world a better place.




His implementations towards medical practice




The renowned doctor has implemented great medical discoveries including techniques, which have been proven to be useful techniques and used by many medical practitioners to make surgery more efficient. His tireless efforts in finding better solutions in the medical practices have also paid him off, especially in terms of popularity. Dr Saad Saad is a selfless doctor whose primary interest is to see other leading a better and healthy life. He even went to establish a complicated surgery which offers free medical services. Learn more :