The Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is the best and the most diversified global investment firm dealing with the management of around assets worth 41.4 billion US dollars as at 30th June 2018. It manages assets for more than 1750 private investors and institutional clients across the world ranging from credit and real estate, permanent capital investment strategies and private equity. Investment performance is the primary concern of this firm. Fortress Investment Group always struggles to generate high risk with adjusted returns for their investment under the long-term basis. Fortress Group had 915 assets under their management by 30th June 2018. This is inclusive of 205 investment experts in New York, headquarter as well as their affiliate offices across the world.

Fortress Investment Group is an investment management publicly owned group. Fortress includes real estate firm as one of its 70 billion US Dollars assets that are under its supervision. This has over 1600 institute investor clients as well as offices in various areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Singapore, Italy, and Hong Kong. Fortress Investment Group was launched in 1998 and has experienced various ups and downs in the recent years. Fortress went viral in 2007 a few months before it encountered significant losses just like other private equity firms 2008 economic crash. Seven years down the line, in 2015 fortress wanted to shut down its flagship hedge fund manager due to its massive losses that were caused by the fail of Brazil markets. However, Fortress Group launched a new real estate fund which is capped at 1 billion US Dollars.

During the closing of that year, Fortress Group sold its stake for 5.3 billion US dollars in the apartment owned by Fortress Subsidiaries CWCapital, the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Apartment Complex. Fortress Investment Group bought CWCapital in 2010 with the intention of getting more engraved into Commercial real estate market. Fortress Group currently incorporates Inverness Corners retail center based in Alabama. It bought this firm in 2014 and had various finance condos and various other buildings within New York City.

Fortress Investment business specializes in asset-based investment across its credit funds and private equity funds. This factor has played a significant role towards its tremendous experience and skills in investing profoundly and widely in a considerable diversification of various types of assets. Its professionalism includes owning, pricing, financing as well as evaluating the management of both financial and physical assets that range from capital assets and real estate to financial assets secured by the long-term diversified cash flows.

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Jeunesse Global helps people life healthier with Zen Bodi weight-loss supplement

The weight-loss industry has long been heavy on lard and light on results. The industry, by its very nature, is the perfect vehicle for grifters and charlatans of various stripes to sell impossible dreams to the gullible. But as science has progressed, the science of weight loss has become much clearer. Today, there is a large body of knowledge about what drives some people to accumulate unhealthy levels of body fat and what can be done to prevent it and reverse it once the process has taken hold.

Jeunesse Global, one of the most innovative health and beauty companies in the world today, has entered the weight-loss market with a 100 percent science-based approach to losing weight and getting in shape. Known as the Zen 8 Project, the weight-loss system has been developed by Jeunesse Global nutritionists and one of the world’s leading experts on personal training and fitness.

Unlike many other weight-loss systems, which promise fast and easy results for little effort, the Zen 8 Project is rooted firmly in behavioral science. It makes no cheap promises or impossible claims. The system takes a long-term, stepwise approach to change the habits of its users at the most fundamental level, leading to not just short-term weight loss but a long-term arc towards a total-health lifestyle.

In addition, the system comes with its own weight-loss supplement. Known as Zen Bodi, the supplement is an advanced formulation that enables customers to more easily pursue the three pillars of weight loss, which are identified in the Zen 8 Project. These are the building of muscle, the burning of fat and the curbing of appetite. Zen Bodi helps achieve all three of these core weight-loss tenets through advanced nutritional science. It is an all-natural formulation under FDA rules, meaning that it does not contain anything that could be considered an actual drug.

When you finally put it all together, Zen Bodi and the Zen 8 Project represent one of the most serious and effective weight-loss programs on the planet. Some people would prefer to be deluded into thinking they can get something for nothing. But for those willing to put in the work, the Zen 8 Project delivers big results for your effort.

Freedom Checks Delivers On Its Promises

Freedom checks promise financial freedom through the participation of a legitimate cash grab. According to Matt Badiali, the man behind the freedom check, there are billions of dollars available for this grab. This money comes from many businesses that participate in government program, a program that John Q. Investor can take part of for a low cost. In his television ads Badiali even holds up a fat check as proof, and lists of the names of present investors expecting a decent windfall. Unfortunately, this is the standard offering from numerous scammers. The investment world is rife with fraud, so gaining trust for something like freedom checks is hard to come by. Except freedom checks are actually legitimate.

Matt Badiali is an investment guru, whose expertise in the natural resource market is well documented. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing and is a trusted investment source whose opinion is sought after. His freedom checks are in fact a legitimate investment opportunity in master limited partnerships. MLPs are companies that take part in a unique government tax program. This would be the program Badiali speaks of. The program offers a large cut to companies that dispense 90% of their revenue to stakeholders. This leaves 10% behind to be taxed. These stakeholders invest in the company through MLPs, which give them a percentage of company profits with no controlling interest. The company keeps all the stakes that bear controlling interest.

MLPs allow natural resource companies to operate like publicly traded partnerships. This affords them the increased capital of a public partnership without technically being one. They can do this because MLPs are tradeable. A large majority of natural resource companies operate as MLPs simply because it is good business. A stakeholder who purchases a percentage of said company, does not have to do anything. They just provide capital, and then sit back for their return of capital payment. This is a monthly to quarterly reoccurring payment, that allocates part of the 90% payout these companies must give annually for tax purposes. Badiali calls it a cash grab because essentially that is what it is, but to participate you have to make a legitimate investment first.

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The Production Expert: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is from Canada. He was born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec. It was in his childhood that he began to become interested in being an entrepreneur. He knew once he grew up working hard would be required for him to have a prosperous lifestyle. Surely with the hard work he has implemented into his career, he has finally earned the prosperous life he always dreamt of as a child.

He went to the University of Montreal. He went to business school to get an education about his dream career of working in business. He chose to study production management. He chose this program to study because of how this major educated students about being responsible for creating goods at the best quality that have great profits. Companies depend on production management to deliver consistent products on a timely schedule. He knew by getting a production management degree he would be qualified to run a business someday.

General Motors became Louis Chenevert’s employer. His job for the company was to overseas the assembly lines. He absolutely loved being responsible for assembly lines. He was very skilled at making sure the production process ran efficiently. When he came across, he knew exactly how to correct them. After fourteen years with General Motors, the production expert decided it was time to move forward in his career.

An associate at the time was working in the aerospace industry. This associate began to discuss aerospace with Louis Chenevert. This got his attention and he decided to explore careers in the aerospace market. He ended up becoming a president of an aerospace company. He worked for a host of manufacturing companies. For these companies, he brought a lot of production experience to the table. Doing so, he was able to cut costs for the many companies he worked for. He was able to turn struggling companies into companies with sales sheets that finally had numbers in the black. Although he is retired today, his days are still rather busy. He occupies his time with hobbies and being on the board of Yale Cancer Center.

Matt Badiali Shares His Knowledge Of Freedom Checks with His Readers

If you are interested in investing in the field of natural resources, then trusting the experience and expertise of the leading natural resources expert Matt Badiali is a good idea. Recently, Matt Badiali has been in much limelight due to his advertisement in which he is showcasing a check that he calls Freedom Checks. He says that people who are looking for a regular source of income can get such checks as well regularly and all they need to do is to follow his investment strategy. Matt Badiali believes that the potential of the natural resources industry is tremendous and common people can reap a lot of benefits through it as well. But, the problem is that most people have no idea how to invest in the industry, and it is where Matt Badiali wants to help others.

What Matt is actually proposing is investing in the MLPs through Freedom Checks that he recommends. In actuality, he is asking people to follow and subscribe to the newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist where he would discuss the MLPs that people should invest in. MLPs are a company that is bound by law to give away ninety percent of their profits to the investors. Matt Badiali has engaged in in-depth research that has helped him identify the companies that he knows are fundamentally strong and has a great future. Matt Badiali is proposing to people to invest in these companies that would help them earn regular income as he proposes in the form of Freedom Checks through dividends.

For people who are looking for an investment strategy that would not turn on them, following the advice of Matt Badiali for Freedom Checks is a good idea. He has many decades of experience backing him and is an educated and experienced investor himself. Matt Badiali has time and again proved why he is an expert in the field of natural resources by predicting the market movement as well as the speculating the prices of the commodities and precious metals beforehand. You can be sure that with the help of the investment strategy of Matt Badiali, you would be able to achieve your financial goals with ease.

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