Vijay Eswaran’s Take on Servant Leadership.

According to many people, leadership is when you tell others what to do. Vijay Eswaran defines a good leader as someone who is always willing to serve others. He reveals that he learned many lessons from his father. One of the most important lessons he learned from his father is to serve everyone selflessly. He argues that servant leaders prioritize the needs of others. Some of his role models include Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela due to their extraordinary commitment to serving humankind. Mr. Eswaran believes that the workers of an organization are the most valuable assets. He believes that for a firm to have a good customer care service, the management must value their employees. If your workers are happy, they will also create a happy client. Servant leaders care for the people around them and also the ones that come into their lives without setting conditions.

Vijay Eswaran believes that a good leader comes up with a clear vision in something they are passionate about and ensures commitment by all the stakeholders. According to him, the vision needs to be as clear as possible for the followers to understand. He argues that a firm will only become profitable if the management adopts effective communication to all the to allow them to make informed decisions. People feel valued when they are involved in the achievement of the firm’s objectives. The servant leader must develop and enforce certain values in the organization. The values portray what is more important to the firm. Mr. Eswaran argues that a good leader must help the employees to attain their personal and professional goals. Some firms engage their workers in regular training sessions to help them improve on their skills. The philosopher also points out that a good leader is always willing to make sacrifices to achieve the organizational goals.