Alex Hern Is A Trend Setter In Tech

The tech industry isn’t known for predictable patterns. A company at the top of its niche today may fall in a year. Startups can emerge from nowhere, and the industry will shift its favor towards them. As a veteran, Alex Hern is using his decades of experience to predict what the tech industry is going to do next. His new company Tsunami VR is creating virtual reality software for professionals, and the tech world is looking carefully at Tsunami. Hern’s vision for virtual reality isn’t going to revolve around gaming or movies. He wants to create something more practical for the immersive medium.

Tsunami VR is trying to do something bold, but Alex Hern’s experience makes its vision achievable. He understands that technology can become popular quickly, but technology can also disappear as fast as it rises. To predict trends in technology, you need to focus on long-term trends. Efforts to create viable VR technology aren’t new, but the success of recent devices is noteworthy. Virtual reality is going to become a mainstream medium, but the nature of that medium is subject to change. Alex Hern wants to create a more serious approach to VR software, and he has his eyes on the business world.

When business professionals implement technology, it becomes an essential part of work. If Tsunami VR succeeds, we’re going to use virtual reality in the office. Immersive communication may even remove the need for offices or physical workplaces. Instead, employees can meet with each other in virtual environments. Most applications of new technology aren’t serious. Entrepreneurs aren’t sure the medium is going to be around for long, and they invest their efforts lightly. When it’s clear the medium is going to last, startups place more effort into their software. Alex Hern knows virtual reality is here to stay, and Tsunami VR reflects that.

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Paul Mampilly On 3D Printing Applications And Promise

New Technologies Bring Promise to Construction

Paul Mampiplly, while speaking to his Profits Unlimited channel, recently said that 3D printing will transform the way we build structures. 3D printing is one of the latest technologies that have taken the world by surprise. The technology allows companies to print a home on the spot for a 40% reduced cost to traditional building costs. The 3D building technology is already in existence and is being used in small villages in parts of Africa to reduce homelessness in poverty-stricken areas. Paul Mampilly says that there are already companies in silicon valley which have designed 3D printers that can print a home within 7 days. By being able to reduce the time and expense of the building of a home, 3D printing is one of those technologies which new companies will emerge that will greatly impact the efficiency of people’s lives; therefore, these companies are poised to affect huge growth and bring about stocks investment opportunities for future investors.

The Future of 3D Printing

Paul Mampilly believes that investors should be aware of the impact that 3D printing will have on people’s lives, cities, communities, and city infrastructures. By being able to save 40% on a home is a great benefit. As the technology and new materials, as well as competitive companies, develop this technology there may be an even greater reduction of the cost of a home or any structure. Paul Mampilly sees that 3D printing is a technology is a technology that has long been expected by homeowners and this ability to reduce the price of building a home will attract a huge market for future investors. 3D printing, at its present stage, is already performing and presenting new models of construction that show great promise to all kinds of businesses.

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has been a Wall Street Investor over twenty years and has helped multi-billion dollar corporations to become even wealthier. Today he helps the hard working person steer the ways of Wall Street in order to make wise investments and a stable security for his future. He is the Chief Editor for Banyan Publishing and the author of Profits Unlimited.

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