Enjoying Christmas Morning

When you think about Christmas, you probably think about the fun and excitement that children share with their parents, siblings and other family members. When one parent is in jail, it’s hard to find a reason to celebrate. Thanks to Securus, a communications system that many jails use so that inmates can call home, parents can now share in the joy of the holiday.


Securus now offers a video calling system that lets parents place a call home by using a video camera instead of a phone. The receiver has to have access to a camera as well. This allows the parent to see the child on Christmas morning. It’s a chance for the parent to see the child open presents, look in a stocking or simply have a presence in the room while the child is enjoying the day. It’s important for children to have parents involved in special moments as these are the times that they will remember. When a parent isn’t there in some way, it can be a sad time, and it can sometimes make the child wonder if the parent will ever be home.


Securus has stepped up to the plate to make it easier with the video calls that can be made. The company understands that it’s important for families to stay together.


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  1. With the video calls that are made, parents are now able to share the holidays with their children until they get home. Securus has given a bright spot to a time that might seem dark. It could have been used to make sure that rushmyessay writing service do not have what is needed to make sure it’s cool.

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