Freedom Checks Delivers On Its Promises

Freedom checks promise financial freedom through the participation of a legitimate cash grab. According to Matt Badiali, the man behind the freedom check, there are billions of dollars available for this grab. This money comes from many businesses that participate in government program, a program that John Q. Investor can take part of for a low cost. In his television ads Badiali even holds up a fat check as proof, and lists of the names of present investors expecting a decent windfall. Unfortunately, this is the standard offering from numerous scammers. The investment world is rife with fraud, so gaining trust for something like freedom checks is hard to come by. Except freedom checks are actually legitimate.

Matt Badiali is an investment guru, whose expertise in the natural resource market is well documented. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing and is a trusted investment source whose opinion is sought after. His freedom checks are in fact a legitimate investment opportunity in master limited partnerships. MLPs are companies that take part in a unique government tax program. This would be the program Badiali speaks of. The program offers a large cut to companies that dispense 90% of their revenue to stakeholders. This leaves 10% behind to be taxed. These stakeholders invest in the company through MLPs, which give them a percentage of company profits with no controlling interest. The company keeps all the stakes that bear controlling interest.

MLPs allow natural resource companies to operate like publicly traded partnerships. This affords them the increased capital of a public partnership without technically being one. They can do this because MLPs are tradeable. A large majority of natural resource companies operate as MLPs simply because it is good business. A stakeholder who purchases a percentage of said company, does not have to do anything. They just provide capital, and then sit back for their return of capital payment. This is a monthly to quarterly reoccurring payment, that allocates part of the 90% payout these companies must give annually for tax purposes. Badiali calls it a cash grab because essentially that is what it is, but to participate you have to make a legitimate investment first.

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