Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere’s Morning Routine For Success

The first things a person decides to do each day can say a lot about their priorities and personality, which is why it is so interesting to learn about the morning habits of successful entrepreneurs. Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, begins her day with focus and purpose. Forget the ridiculously early wake times. Deere knows beauty sleep is important and usually starts her day at 8:30 am. She considers herself a morning person and wakes up without an alarm clock. She savors her morning by taking time to sit in contemplation, enjoy a fulfilling breakfast, and engage in some stretches to loosen up. She also stays hydrated with a full glass of water.

Her day isn’t without structure though. Her phone calendar keeps her on track, and she keeps in touch with her team before she gets to the office around noon. However, she saves most emails and digital tasks for later in the day so that she can use the morning for creative time and scheming new products. Her schedule for the day also influences her beauty routine. For important meetings she takes extra effort with her makeup (after all, it’s her livelihood!), but can keep it as short as 15 minutes if time is limited.

Deere rocks out to her favorite tunes while doing her makeup. Currently she has been listening to The Beatles. She starts by washing her face with Glossier face wash before she moisturizes with Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence. Although she plans to release a Lime Crime foundation soon, her current go tos are L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation or MAC’s Studio Fix. Her favorite part of her routine is applying blush and lipstick because of the color they bring to her face. Her lipstick choices come from her Matte Velvetine line.

Lime Crime’s bold style is influenced by Deere’s deviation from the mainstream with everything from her hair color to clothes. Her fans are called unicorns because they also deviate from the norm. They are different and proud of it. You can find unicorn inspired hair dyes, makeup and makeup tools from Lime Crime’s web-based beauty brand.

However, unicorns aren’t the only mythical creature to inspire the beauty brand’s daring style. Mermaids inspired a line of bright and shimmery lipsticks, and a hair dye color. Speaking of hair dye, Lime Crime recently released their first semi-permanent hair dyes with 13 bold and audacious colors. Naturally, the dyes are called Unicorn Hair, and all 13 colors are available in tints or full coverage.

The hair dyes, and all the brand’s products, are made from vegan ingredients and are cruelty-free, which means no products have been tested on animals. Lime Crime is proudly certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. Deere is an animal lover, and has two pampered cats named Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. Animals and their well being is an important part of the brand’s culture, and many of the employees adopt or foster.

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