Enjoying Christmas Morning

When you think about Christmas, you probably think about the fun and excitement that children share with their parents, siblings and other family members. When one parent is in jail, it’s hard to find a reason to celebrate. Thanks to Securus, a communications system that many jails use so that inmates can call home, parents can now share in the joy of the holiday.


Securus now offers a video calling system that lets parents place a call home by using a video camera instead of a phone. The receiver has to have access to a camera as well. This allows the parent to see the child on Christmas morning. It’s a chance for the parent to see the child open presents, look in a stocking or simply have a presence in the room while the child is enjoying the day. It’s important for children to have parents involved in special moments as these are the times that they will remember. When a parent isn’t there in some way, it can be a sad time, and it can sometimes make the child wonder if the parent will ever be home.


Securus has stepped up to the plate to make it easier with the video calls that can be made. The company understands that it’s important for families to stay together.


Nationwide Title Clearing Motivates Employees

There are many ways that companies are able to motivate their employees. One of the best ways that companies have found is to reward them with different things for doing a great job. There are many ways in which Nationwide Title Clearing awards their employees and this is something that has allowed them to have happier employees. It has also led to really low turnover rates for the company and has even allowed them the chance to win awards for doing the right thing with their employees. It is a good option that they have within their company for employees who are doing more things.


Most companies usually give out bonuses to employees who perform well while they are doing work for the company. Nationwide is able to give bonuses to employees for doing their job and for, sometimes going above and beyond the realm of the duties that they have with the job. This has allowed them the chance to be one of the best employers and has made most of their employees really happy. Bonuses, raises and awards are just a few of the monetary benefits that employees get when they are working for Nationwide Title Clearing.


Along with the traditional bonuses and raises that come with working for Nationwide Title Clearing, employees are able to get what they want when it comes to the different parts of the vacation experience. Nationwide works to provide employees the chance to take expenses paid vacations to different destinations. This is a huge help for employees and gives them a chance to relax when they previously would not have had that chance. It has allowed them the opportunity to take a great vacation and to do more with the options that they have within their powers of doing different things for their business.


It is something that the company has established and something that the employees have been able to benefit from. The company puts a lot of value into their employees and this allows them the chance to have a higher morale in the business. Employees who are happy to come to work have been proven to do a better job. Since they do a better job, clients are happier and they are more likely to bring more business in. Learn more: http://www.manta.com/c/mms67nv/nationwide-title-clearing


Danilo Diaz Granados: Lecture on “Coming to America” for Entrepreneurs



According to Danilo Diaz Granados, most of the tremendous technological advancements in the United States were developed by immigrants. The Russian immigrant, Sergey Brin, is the co-founder of Google. A Hungary native, Andrew Grove, is the co-founder of Intel. The Taiwan-born Jerry Yang is the founder of Yahoo. Steve Chen, the founder of YouTube, also came to the United States from Taiwan.


Also ccording to Danilo Diaz Granados, Immigrants have come out as the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. The Brazilian, Mike Krigger, went into the United States in 2004 to found one of the biggest social media platforms. Mike is the founder of Instagram. Dick Jon and Froda Andreas, the Danish partners, co-founded Podium in 2009. The Indonesia-born Malcolm Ong met with Michael Karnjanaprakom to found Skillshare. While they worked in different companies, their common goal brought them together.


One of the questions you might ask yourself is how they got there. What can make you grow up to their standards? There are numerous ways to do that. There are many alternatives to follow to reach their heights. According to Danilo, a green card is the best way to set off. There are several ways to get to the United States.


Option 1: Foreign Investors – It’s under the Immigrant Visa EB-5 that requires you to invest at least $1 million in American business. You need to spend a minimum of $500,000 if the business is situated in a local area.


However, you may not have that enough money to fulfill this requirement.


Option 2: Treaty Investor Visa E-2 – For this particular type of Visa, you don’t require any amount of investment. You have an obligation to open a business in the United States worth a minimum of $100,000.


Option 3: Visa O.1 is for people with outstanding skills. For instance, you developed an app that has numerous reviews on YouTube. You have a chance to land in the United States. If you get an employer in the United States, try to apply for the visa. For the sake of his company, the employer will be thrilled to have you onboard.

Danilo is well known for his time at Fireman Capital, one of his biggest Linked In credits, where he first built his reputation as a financial expert.  This is where Danilo Diaz Granados hob nobs with the elite of Miami, introducing them to the latest in luxury, and providing unique event experiences like you just can’t have anywhere else.  Check out some of Danilo’s great photography capturing these events on his Flickr page.

Danilo Diaz Advises Entrepreneurs About Establishing themselves in America


America is widely regarded to be a land of opportunities. Many entrepreneurs dream of immigrating to the US so that they can pursue their business goals in the country. Unfortunately, not many of them have an idea about the legal channels that they need to follow so that their operations can be above board. Miami based businessman, Danilo Diaz Granados recently shared his sentiments about ways through which entrepreneurs can go to America.

Danilo’s Tips

Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados points out that there are several alternatives for foreign investors. The first one is seeking an immigrant visa EB-5 that requires them to invest 1 million dollars in the US. If one intends to start a business in a rural community, he or she needs to invest at least 500,000 dollars. The second option is to apply for a Visa EB-2. More often than less, this document is regarded as an employment visa. However, one doesn’t need to have an employer to qualify for this visa. All that is needed is an advanced degree, or an outstanding ability within a chosen field of expertise.

Another option is the Treaty Investor Visa E-2, which requires prospective immigrants to invest 100,000 dollars or more in the US. In addition, he or she must be a citizen of a country that belongs to the Investors’ Treaty. Visa 0.1 is an alternative meant for individuals who have exceptional business or technological skills that are of benefit to the American population. However, such individuals must have an American employer to sponsor them.

About Danilo Diaz Granados

Mr. Granados is a renowned financial expert and entrepreneur. His brainchild, TOYS for BOYS is one of Miami’s most prominent luxury boutiques. Before venturing into business, Danilo was a senior employee at Fireman Capital Partners and Private Equity Investing. His role at the two firms was to offer advice pertaining to international stock values, energy efficiency, real estate, and hedge funds. Currently, CrunchBase tells us he is a high-ranking executive at Movilway, a global telecommunications company. Mr. Granados graduated from the famed Babson College.