Matt Badiali Shines the Light on Crude Oil Prices

     In the modern world, crude oil has almost turned into a basic necessity. Imagine the world without oil. It would feel awkward owing to the hundreds of resources that heavily rely on the commodity for daily operations. However, recently, the price of crude oil has been shifting up and down, a scenario that many individuals fail to comprehend. According to Matt Badiali, the West Texas Intermediate oil price did the unordinary and hit an amount that it has never achieved within three years.

The recent price rise caught many by a surprise who are yet to come to terms with the abnormal price. According to Matt, the rate is influenced by Saudi Arabia’s continuous onslaught of production-cut magniloquence. The UK has been on the timeline over the past few weeks due to the oil after stating that anyone who listens to OPEC will enjoy the production reduce.

According to Matt Badiali, the oil price drama is now more than talk. According to Matt, the demand for redefined oil is growing. As per the records from earlier this year, the exports to Europe were on a considerable rise. Because distillate landed Europe this year, the exports have risen this year as compared to the previous year. Conclusively, Matt Badiali insists that the high demand should act as an opportunity to buy oil companies.

About Matt Badiali

Natural resources are one complicated sector to understand based on the little knowledge availed. However, with the likes of Matt Badiali, the field has been narrowed into an easy-to-understand field. Matt is a celebrated editor at the S&A Resource Report. The publication is a renowned investment advisory that focuses on natural resources. Besides, Badiali is reliable individual for the Growth Stock Wire, a platform that shares info on the most profitable opportunities.

Often, professionals say that passion and success come in handy. Matt’s career is a real definition of the theory. Matt went to Penn State University where he acquired his B.S. in earth sciences. Later on, the talented editor schooled at the Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with a Master of Science in geology.

To sum it up, Matt joined the University of North Carolina to pursue his Ph.D. As many would say, Matt is one individual who is smart when it comes to digging out promising opportunities. The talented chap is always on the move across the globe to boost his knowledge in the field of his passion. Matt’s journey to Banyan Hill began not long ago when he established Real Wealth Strategist, his newsletter.

U.S. Money Reserve Raises $215,000 For The Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

U.S. Money Reserve is based in Texas. It is a distributor of precious metals. It has asked its vendors, as well as partners to donate to this cause. All these donations have now reached up to $100,000.


U.S. Money Reserve has gone into partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network. This has helped them to raise $219,622. This has come through donations that will be used for the Hurricane Harvey victims. U.S. Money Reserve has offices in Austin, Beaumont as well as in Houston, Texas. They had acted really fast as they set up this relief initiative. This was for the victims of the hurricane that tore through the coastline of Texas. During September, U.S. Money Reserve had been matching its donations that were given to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund of Austin Disaster Relief Network through the YouCaring page.


This was done as U.S. Money Reserve felt compelled as they wanted to help their fellow Texans. This was a hurricane that could have impacted anyone. U.S. Money Reserve was distressed at the way it affected their employees, customers, as well as their family and even strangers. They are well aware will require a large number of resources. Hence they consider it their duty to help their neighbors. This is why they supported ADRN in order to assist in the recovery efforts for all those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.


U.S. Money Reserve further clarified that all the funds that have been raised have been given for helping the victims of this hurricane that has hit the Texas Gulf Coast Region. ADRN has appreciated the efforts put in by U.S. Money Reserve as it has helped them to meet the extreme financial demands due to this disaster. They believe that many lives will get impacted due to this generous donation.


It was on August 25, 2017, that Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. It made landfall three times within a span of six days. Due to this storm, Texas received two feet of rainfall in the first 24 hours. By September 1st, one-third of Houston had come under water. This kind of flooding forced 39,000 people to move out of homes and go into shelters. Learn more:


Among the largest private distributors of gold, silver and platinum products issued by the US government is U.S. Money Reserve. It was founded in 2001. It is also a private distributor of foreign government-issued precious metals.

Michael Lacey’s Legacy as a Mathematician

Michael Lacey, born Michael Thoreau Lacey is a renowned American mathematician. He was born on September 26, 1959. In 1987, Lacey received his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois’s Urbana-Champaign campus. He studied to attain his Ph.D. under the instruction of Walter Philipp.

His thesis focused on the probability in Banach spaces, and he managed to solve a mathematical problem that was touching on the law of iterated logarithm for characteristic experiential functions. He greatly contributed to the field of mathematics and to the curriculum as a whole.

In the years that followed, Lacey’s work touched on different areas including ergodic theory, probability as well as harmonic analysis. His very first postdoctoral position was at Louisiana State University.

He then moved to the University of North Carolina located at Chapel Hill where he also left a permanent mark. While at the University of North Carolina, Michael Lacey and his supervisor Walter Philipp defended and successfully proved the almost sure central limit hypothesis.

Between 1989 and 1996, Michael Lacey worked at Indiana University. While in this institution, he got a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. During the said fellowship, Lacey started studying about bilinear Hilbert transform. Read more:  Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

The transform came at the same time when the issue of conjecture by Alberto Calderón was in the picture, and Christoph Thiele and Lacey solved it in 1996. This achievement earned them the prestigious Salem Prize award. This award makes Lacey’s CV even more decorated since the special few only attain it.

When he left Indiana University in 1996, Lacey moved to Georgia Institute of Technology. Here he served as a Professor of Mathematics where he was one of the key figures in the faculty. From that time, he has carried out several research works yielding very helpful results.

Various distinguished awards have recognized his hard work in the field of mathematics. His work with Xiaochun Li earned him Guggenheim Fellowship award in 2004. The Simons Foundations also awarded him.

By 2012, Michael Lacey joined the American Mathematical Society as a fellow. He has also served as at different training grants including MCTP and VIGRE awards from NSF giving support to students in various educational levels. He has also mentored many undergraduates who have since undertaken leading graduate programs.

Many of the students who have undertaken postgraduate degree programs have secured industry and academic jobs. He also mentored a good number of postdocs.

Learn more about Madison Street Capital reputation:

A Review of Contour Design’s Ultimate Work Station

Over 3 billion people in the world using computers with a standard keyboard setup. Contour Design has gone beyond this typical keyboard setup and introduced a revolutionary and pain free configuration called The Ultimate Work Station.


The Ultimate Work Station includes their signature roller mouse red, minimising impact on the fingertips. Additionally, the roller bar helps keep the user’s focus centralised, limiting undue stress created by reaching and moving that often comes from using a typical mouse. Another notable feature is the introduction of Intuitive Seven Senses Tracking Technology, which adapts to the user’s own work pace.


The balance keyboard works in conjunction with the roller mouse red to optimise user experience. The adjustable legs and tilt options are designed to help the user to personalise their best angle to assist in typing. It’s also wireless and incorporates power saving technology. There is no need to remember to switch it off after using. The ultimate workstation literally makes work less painful. Check it out at


We learned about Contour Design’s products on on the Reviews and Testimonials page. NewsWatch TV is a critically acclaimed TV show that whose presentations span across a wide variety of topics including electronic product reviews, entertainment and celebrity news, travel guides, government news, and public service announcements.


NewsWatch launched in 1990 and to date has broadcast over 1000 episodes. It airs on AMC and ION networks throughout the United States. It reaches nearly 96 million households. During its 25 years, NewsWatch has reached over 700 million viewers.


Academy of Art University Shines in the NYFW Shows

New York Fashion Week is a regarded as the best platform for fashion display, especially in the last few years. The 21st runway showcase was stolen by the Academy of Art University and its School of Fashion with the stunning style of display. The show on September 9, 2017, witnessed at least seven works from ten graduates of the fashion school. It included two menswear, two collaborations, and five womenswear. Interestingly, the showpieces displayed the influence from mainland China to Maine coastal attire. All of the presentations from the graduates displayed a sense of uniqueness and new thoughts.

One of the prominent display was from Hailun Zhou, an MFA graduate from China, who designed an attire that is inspired by some of her photographs she had captured during a journey. She used PVC, vinyl, and fabrics to make the dress a real fusion of different materials. The outfit by Eden Slezin, another MFA graduate from the Bay Area, was a pure reflection of “life and loves” makeover for a vintage denim. Interestingly, he was using an organic denim supplied by Cone Denim, and for extra fabrics, he used recycled rubber tubes and Amour Vert. Dina Marie Lam from Los Angeles, another MFA graduate, came with countless emotions as her aunt passed away recently. She focused on conveying the feeling of transition in her product. Interestingly, she was chosen as the BCBGMAXAZRIA Super Intern at the institute.

The art university is a privately owned art school located in San Fransisco. It was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the well-known creative director of Sunset Magazine, an advertising art school.

Currently, the institute has over 12,000 students and nearly 1,500 full-time and part-time staff. With this, the Academy of Art University is considered as one of the largest design and art institute in the country.

The Institute is particular in invoking the creativity of people and shaping them in the right direction. Celebrities from fashion to Hollywood come and take their lectures to the students of the institute. Interestingly, the graduates are recruited by largest corporations around the world, including Apple, Pixar, Zynga, Nike, EA, and more.

Malcolm CasSelle Brings An Update To The Online Cryptocurrency And Trading Industry

The regulation of cryptocurrencies and the latest purchases of items within the digital realm of a video game are areas where regulators often fear to tread. However, Malcolm CasSelle and the Worldwide Asset eXchange have come together in a bid to provide a brighter future for those working through and enjoying the Internet are looking to make major changes to the way we all see the movement of goods in the physical world and those created Online to make it safer and easily tracked through the WAX model.


Purchases made via a video game are one area where WAX is hoping the digital industry can change for the better in terms of being able to verify items purchased and sold have been passed legally from the owner to the purchaser. By developing a global marketplace buyers and sellers will see the cost of transactions reduced and new markets open up to trade items from video games where none were available in the past.


Malcolm CasSelle and the Wax marketplace have been at the heart of building a safer and more secure Online environment for all to enjoy by building trading blocks carrying the provenance of each item or cryptocurrency coin to make it easily transferable without any worries over legal issues. WAX also hopes to create a user-defined set of security codes which will include self-governance with users voting guild leaders and transfer agents in and out of their positions based on the performance of an individual group or guild.


The President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle has been the driving force behind a number of Online marketplaces and ventures which have redefined the way business is completed in this digital age. Video games have always been the natural home for CasSelle as he has led the development of the Xfire social media platform dedicated to building a stronger community based on the development and playing of video games.


Educated at Stanford with a Masters in Computer Science, Malcolm CasSelle has been on an upward career trajectory for a number of years and was awarded a number of recognition awards as a student for his success as an African-American student.

Find him on Angel.

Vijay Eswaran Teaches People To Think Outside of the Box

One of the most important ways to succeed is to be innovative. This means it is important to think outside of the box. People who manage to adopt this approach to business are going to succeed at a lot.

The success that comes with outside of the box thinking is underestimated. It is a very common story for people to get an idea and people would be lukewarm to it. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

In some cases, they would even oppose it because it stands against everything they know. However, people who are committed to their success are going to find that they have a lot of methods that are going to help with their ideas.

One person who has managed to step outside of the box and profit greatly from it is Vijay Eswaran. Vijay is someone who made tons of effort in bringing about something that he can rely on outside of a regular job.

He is one of the people that have been told that the only way to make it and be successful is by finding a regular job. The is actually one of the limiting and even painful beliefs that a person can have. Fortunately, Vijay Eswaran has broken free from these limits.

One thing that he wants people to do is start creating jobs. For one thing, if everyone just looked for a job, there probably would be very few jobs if any available. People who create jobs like entrepreneurs and business owners are the future.

Fortunately, there is a lot people can do in order to create something that can benefit not only them, but others as well. When it comes down to it, the reason that there are jobs available is because people have decided to take the risk and build something for other people to work at.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

Luiz Carlos Trabuco And Lazaro Brandao Share Much Of A Common Vision

Lazaro Brandao, the inveterate financier that has been the acting chairman of Grupo Bradesco since 1990, has recently announced that he will be retiring, effective in the next few weeks. The 91 year old banker has been with Bradesco since 1943, the first year of the bank’s operation, when he joined at the age of just 16 years old.

Brandao is slated to be succeeded by the current CEO of the firm, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, himself a lifelong company man for Bradesco. Trabuco will be tasked with naming his successor by March of 2018, a move that many anticipate will involve recruiting from within the ranks of the corporation itself.

Trabuco and Brandao see eye-to-eye on technology

With more than 27 million active retail banking customers and over 5,000 branches, Bradesco is the largest bank in Brazil in terms of retail banking. Still, more than 13 million of these customers, nearly half of the bank’s customer base, are not connected to the internet or cannot use basic online banking platforms.

Both Trabuco and Brandao have identified bringing this group online as one of the major challenges that the bank will face in the near-term future. Both men view the task of bringing technological literacy to their customers not just as a means of ensuring higher profits but also as a civic duty, helping to continue the development of the human capital of Brazil. Trabuco has not made specific statements as to how the bank plans on ensuring that all of these customers have access to internet banking facilities. But some close to the decision makers say that, with the recent proliferation of cellular towers across Brazil, the bank may be planning on engaging in a drive to get cellular devices into the hands of all of the 13 million customers who are unable to connect online. If true, this would represent one of the largest public works projects the company has ever undertaken, and it would be an unprecedented move in Brazilian economy, which normally does not take on development in such a proactive manner.

As Brandao departs, questions remain

Brandao is more than merely a chairman on a large bank. For the shareholders, employees and customers of Bradesco, he occupies a role not dissimilar to that held by Warren Buffet. He is one part businessman, one part father figure and one part oracle.

Read more on Bloomberg

Given the fact that he has been with the company for more than 75 years and has overseen the period of its greatest success, it comes as little surprise that, even as the nonagenarian approaches his mid-90s, there are some stakeholders who view his exit with nervous gazes. Some feel that the departure of the man who oversaw a 300-fold increase in the stock price over 20 years represents the exit of a legend without replacement.

But Brandao himself has assured stakeholders that Trabuco is the right man for the job. Although Trabuco himself had a somewhat spotty record as CEO, the two men see very much eye-to-eye on a large spectrum of issues. And they both view the role of the bank as being equally to create value for shareholders, customers and Brazil at large.

Perhaps, the bigger question will be who will ultimately replace Trabuco. Although seven possible candidates have been floated as possible replacements, one name, that of Mauricio Minas, has come up, again and again, as the way the smart money is betting. Minas, who is a 57 year old information technology officer with the bank, has a long list of significant achievements under his belt, including the development of Next, the bank’s highly touted online banking platform.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco, just click here.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Turn A Victory Into A Cause With Frontera Fund (Updated)

UPDATE: Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Help People Who Need Their Assistance

There are many people who are unable to get the help they need because of the issues in the United States justice system. Many of the people who deal with these issues are immigrants from different locations, but many of them are just people who are minorities. Because of the current president and the political outlook in the United States, more people than ever have to worry about where they are going or what they are doing with the issues they face. People like Larkin and Lacey have teamed up to help those who do not have a chance to live their lives in any other way.


Both Jim Larkin and his partner Michael Lacey know what it is like to be the little person. They are minorities and have had to deal with issues that come from being minorities. They have not always had the best time trying to get where they are currently at, but that hasn’t made them any less willing to continue trying and fighting for what they believe in. In fact, it is something that has pushed them even further to get to the point where they are currently at today. They want to make a difference in the world so they can have a chance to impact a corrupt government.


The men have always done their best to help minorities. They have tried to show them the things they need to make their lives better so they don’t have to worry about any of the issues that would traditionally come from the opportunities they have. The men started out as journalists. They realized they wanted to do more with the journalism opportunities they had so they continued to show people exactly what they needed to make their lives better. They often reported on issues that were affecting the minorities in the country so people could see what was really happening.


Since Lacey and Larkin are both realists, they know things aren’t always what they seem. In a country that is supposed to be the leader of the free world, there are so many injustices to people who don’t have what it takes to be better in their own lives. The men knew this when they started out so they did what they could to actually start making a difference for people all around the country. They also tried their best to show others they could do the same thing as long as they stuck with their goals.


Even now that Lacey and Larkin are seeing more success than they ever did before, they know they have a lot of work to do. They want everyone to feel like they are truly equal and truly a part of something special in the United States. Until everyone, including people who are a part of one minority group or another, has the chance to be happy, Larkin and Lacey will not stop pushing forward and will be making the Frontera Fund the best that it can be for everyone.


**UPDATE 8/22**

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two brave souls who are fighting for the rights of migrants coming from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Their inspiration to help the migrants stemmed from them witnessing the refugee crisis in Europe, and they wanted to help other people in their own backyard, so they are offering their hand to those who wanted to have a better life in the United States. The two uses the Frontera fund in helping the migrants, and this sum of money is a huge help as it gives the migrants the right amount to rebuild their lives. The fund, amounting to $3.75 million, was awarded to them by a judge during the lawsuit that they filed against the Maricopa County. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin managed to help thousands of people crossing into the border, and they never forget the kindness that the two has given them, so whenever a chance arises, the people that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin assisted in the past goes back to them and give them something as a form of paying back for their kindness.



Before establishing the Frontera fund for the migrants, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were executives of the Phoenix New Times. This publication was founded when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were still in college. After they opened the Phoenix New Times, this publication became widely accepted and has become one of the most popular publications in the state. The publication grew larger and larger as time passed by, establishing partnerships with different companies further solidifying their title as a well-known publisher in Phoenix. The two have thought that the good thing happening to them would last forever – but they were wrong. After looking into the case of a Maricopa County Sheriff being investigated by the state prosecutor, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have written a story regarding the possible results of the investigation. However, the story became twisted days later and the two were arrested. They are being accused of publishing the decision of the jury regarding the case, and that the two have published the private address of the Maricopa County Sheriff on their website. The Maricopa County Sheriff wanted Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to have the information posted on their website taken down, along with identifying all of the people online who have seen it.



Media coverage about the case have centered on how Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested. The media companies supporting the two held massive rallies around the major cities of the United States, and after the protests gained national attention, they demanded for the case to be taken down. The judge handling the case of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin has decided to drop any charges against them and let them free the next day because of the lack of any evidences. People are rejoicing about this decision, and the two decided to file a counter lawsuit against Maricopa County. The judge sided with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, and the Maricopa County is required to provide the necessary compensation for the two. This is where the $3.75 came from, and later on, it became the Frontera Fund.




Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have turned a harrowing experience into an opportunity to help others in need of the same kinds of legal services that helped them win their own freedom. Co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, Lacey and Larkin have always been strong proponents of free speech and freedom of the press, but their passion for justice earned them the scorn of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In October of 2007, Sheriff Arpaio had the two journalists arrested for revealing details of grand jury proceedings and for sharing the news that the identities of New Times readers were sought by that grand jury.

Those events led to a lawsuit filed by Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin against Maricopa County. The suit eventually landed in the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit, where the journalists finally achieved victory.

Michael and Jim have since devoted their time and their $3.75 million settlement to establishing the Frontera Fund, an organization that seeks to protect civil, human, and migrant rights.

Today, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin take an active role in running a Frontera Fund website, melding their passion for journalism with their desire to protect others. The site shines a light on current events, as they pertain to the rights of those unprotected by big government and American corporations.

Recently, the Frontera Fund website published an article questioning the treatment of immigrant military personnel, suggesting the United States uses these individuals for their service, before threatening to deport them.

Through a special government program, immigrants who are not yet American citizens are permitted to enlist in the military, if they possess unique skills, such as being bilingual or possessing knowledge of a disputed region. Now, the government is planning to scrap that program and deport the participants. Frontera Fund seeks to shine a light on that injustice.

Similarly, Larkin and Lacey covered the plans to discontinue a program designed to help immigrant youths stay in the United States. Under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), younger immigrants can continue to work in the United States, earning a better life for themselves and their families. The act also allows them to attend colleges and universities. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

The government is attempting to rescind that act, which will result in endangering the lives of many young immigrants. While local immigrant workers organized a Fourth of July demonstration to protest the rescinding of the act, plans remain on course for the dissolution of DACA.

Again, Michael and Jim are using their Frontera Fund website to help draw attention to this cause, before it’s too late.

The Frontera Fund founders haven’t forgotten about the man who prompted their new crusade for justice, either. Lacey and Larkin have dedicated a portion of their website to keeping an eye on Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the county sheriff’s office in general. While articles in that section of the Frontera Fund’s website are fewer, they do cover the recent elections for sheriff and news items related to the county jail.

Whether tackling civil injustices or standing up for immigrants against government abuses, Michael Lacey and Joe Larkin have dedicated their lives to ensuring equal rights for all with Frontera Fund’s vast resources.

Read more:

Village Voice Media | Wikipedia
Phoenix New Time

Vijay Eswaran Urges Graduates To Consider Job Creation And Not Just Job Seekers

QI Group executive chairman Vijay Eswaran seeks to change the way that recent college graduates view their futures in the work force.

Vijay believes that students that attend institutes of higher learning to think of themselves as job creators more so than job seekers. Vijay says it is conservative thinking that has caused students to think first of working for someone else versus blazing their own past in their quest for work. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay also believes that it of utmost importance that students become inspired to become creators of employment for others. Recently Vijay Eswaran took a moment to elaborate on his stance.

What Is Your Message To New Graduates Entering The Work Force For First Time

We have historically been content with being exclusively job seekers and have settled to being locked in the job search cycle.

Other nations such as the Chinese, Japanese, and South Koreans are willing to gain experience first but are intent on being their own boss and have others perform duties for them. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

What Should First-Time Job Seekers Look For In Their First Job

Only consider positions that match your qualifications. Whether to work for an established company or a start-up is a personal choice. Both environments should be carefully evaluated for pros and cons. Make the choice that best fits your personality.

Students should remember that no one has it easy and their will be challenges on either side of the fence. Remember, it is important to learn the various stages of the business cycle from both the corporate and start-up side.

What Is The Main Difference When Opting For The Start-Up

The start-up calls for the student to become adept at being both a leader and a team member. You must think for self and develop ideas. Once ideas are developed you have to see them to the end. There is very little delegation with the start-up. This I enjoy.

Any Final Thoughts

In the end. Neither way is better than the other. The road an individual chooses should reflect his personality, needs, and work style. Consider these factors and choose the career path best for you.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Executive Chairman of QI Group Vijay Eswaran Talks Business and Philanthropy

Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies