Stage Manager and Live Sound Engineer Clayton Hutson Sits Down for Interview with the Bro Talk

You may not have heard of Clay Hutson, but you’ve definitely heard of the groups that he’s worked with. Hutson has over a decade of experience as a production manager, stage manager, rigger and live sound engineer, and he has served on tours for Kid Rock, OneRepublic, Guns n Roses and a variety of other popular bands. He recently finished touring on OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour, and in late February he sat down for an interview with the Bro Talk.


One of the first questions Hutson was asked was how he turns great ideas for audio or set design into reality. Hutson explains that his experience working concerts of many different types helps him decide what’s realistic and what’s merely an exciting pipe dream. He also lists computer-aided design as a key to success, and said that he pays close attention to the space limitations of any given venue to make sure all equipment will fit.


When asked about his most successful business habit, Hutson said that he always checks his work for mistakes repeatedly to ensure there are no safety issues or design flaws. He recognizes that a ruined set could destroy his reputation permanently. Hutson was also questioned about the audio and stage design industry, and the interviewed asked if he holds any firm beliefs that go against the popular opinions of the industry. He said that while many people believe that the attitude of a stage manager matters more than their technical skills, he firmly believes that skill should matter the most.


Clayton Hutson began his career as an audio engineer at various live music businesses, where he gained valuable experience in both sound design and, later, project management. He eventually established his own firm, which specializes in the design and production of live concerts. Over the course of his career, he has performed stage management, audio and set design, production and live sound engineering duties for famous performers like Pink, Kid Rock and Guns N Roses. He most recently toured with OneRepublic in 2017, and he has gained a sterling reputation for his technical expertise as well as his friendly and accommodating manner. Learn more: