Success Academy Outscores Wealthiest New York Suburbs

“Success Academy is one of the largest and highest-performing free, public charter school networks in New York City.” This is the first sentence located on the Success Academy’s website and the evidence backs it up. Success Academy is dedicated to the success, performance and accountability of their students and their curriculum promotes these three important aspects of a quality education.


Each child has the focus of the teachers and school leaders of Success Academy. There is collaboration to incorporate each child’s academic abilities, social and emotional welfare and interventions in order to help each student reach their full potential. Success Academy’s approach is engaging and rigorous in order “to teach core knowledge and critical thinking and then develop the independence and self-advocacy skills scholars will need to excel.”


Results can speak for themselves in how successful the approach is within Success Academy. In the state of New York, Success Academy ranks within the top 1% in math, 2% in English and 5% in science. This success can partially be attributed to the way a child is intervened upon if they are not quite at the level they need to be. When a student is below their grade level, it is called the “red zone.” Teachers use this as a motivator in order to bring the student back up to their grade level.


The New York Times did an article on a particular student who was struggling as well as the effort put forth by both the teacher and the student in order to improve his grade. “On two colored charts in the hallways, where the students’ performance on weekly spelling and math quizzes was tracked, his name was at the bottom,” (Taylor 2015). Then, one Friday in December, he handed in a spelling quiz that was scored 90%. The teacher announced it to the class so it wasn’t just the struggles that were highlighted.


It is because of incredible stories like this and the undisputed level of achievement, that Success Academy may have no equal peer in which to compare. It is a school in which any parent would be happy to send their child.