The Food Industry Guru Of Chicago, David McDonald

The graduate in Animal Science from the Iowa State University ventured into business in the early years of his career to join the Otto and Sons Company which majored in food processing. David Mcdonald is the President of OSI group. He joined OSI Group in 1987 and since then, the company has not been the same again.

The food processing specialist set the headquarter of OSI in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The deep history of OSI dates back to early 1900s when it began as a butcher in Chicago. Through dedication, more stakeholders came in to bolster its operation into a large cooperation.

When Otto and Sons wanted to expand its business territory, David Mcdonald approached a bank in Chicago where Sheldon Lavin assisted him to get the financing. He found Lavin to be resourceful and invited him to join the Otto and Sons and transformed it to OSI group.

He is a very dedicated leader and he has used his knowledge in the animal science to scale up the food sustainability. His company has received many awards on the same. The technology-based company was the pioneer in the latest technology of food processing and storage, liquid cryogenic technology. The technology uses liquid nitrogen to freeze food.

It is counted as one of the key achievements under his mentorship that geared the company into achieving food sustainability.

Besides the OSI group in Chicago, he sits on the board of governors at OSI group, and he is the director of OSI international foods (Australia). David Mcdonald is the director of the North American Meat Institute. He serves as the independent director of Marfrig Global Foods.

McDonald’s immeasurable contribution to the food processing industry is a landmark and an inspiration to many who wish to venture into the business. Alongside Sheldon Lavin (the CEO OSI group), David Mcdonald encourages the youth to get into global food business for real breakthroughs.

The company that was once a small retail shop now towers in more than 60 countries with more than 20,000 employees on the payroll. There are more beneficiaries in the company who are indirectly employed through the day to day operations of the OSI group.

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