The Production Expert: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is from Canada. He was born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec. It was in his childhood that he began to become interested in being an entrepreneur. He knew once he grew up working hard would be required for him to have a prosperous lifestyle. Surely with the hard work he has implemented into his career, he has finally earned the prosperous life he always dreamt of as a child.

He went to the University of Montreal. He went to business school to get an education about his dream career of working in business. He chose to study production management. He chose this program to study because of how this major educated students about being responsible for creating goods at the best quality that have great profits. Companies depend on production management to deliver consistent products on a timely schedule. He knew by getting a production management degree he would be qualified to run a business someday.

General Motors became Louis Chenevert’s employer. His job for the company was to overseas the assembly lines. He absolutely loved being responsible for assembly lines. He was very skilled at making sure the production process ran efficiently. When he came across, he knew exactly how to correct them. After fourteen years with General Motors, the production expert decided it was time to move forward in his career.

An associate at the time was working in the aerospace industry. This associate began to discuss aerospace with Louis Chenevert. This got his attention and he decided to explore careers in the aerospace market. He ended up becoming a president of an aerospace company. He worked for a host of manufacturing companies. For these companies, he brought a lot of production experience to the table. Doing so, he was able to cut costs for the many companies he worked for. He was able to turn struggling companies into companies with sales sheets that finally had numbers in the black. Although he is retired today, his days are still rather busy. He occupies his time with hobbies and being on the board of Yale Cancer Center.